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The Biggest Summer Secret: Stock up on summer must-haves at the END of the season!

Posted by Abbey Dasch on


I know what you’re thinking, we live in New England – we don’t need summer apparel, l toys, etc. as we move into the wintery season – give me a chance to change your mind. Let’s talk about the 4 big reasons you should set out to shop and stock up on your favorite summer items right now!

  1. Sales (of course)

At the first glimpse of fall, whether it be a shiver or the first leaf on the ground, or just the fact that the stores need room on their shelves – summer items hit sale, sale, sale! Buying the summer items that you love for a discounted price, means more preparedness and fun for the next summer season and maybe even the time in between!

  1. Selection and Stock

We all know that summer rush that happens at the beginning of every season, towels get sold out, you can’t find a cooler and pool noodles? Forget it. After the long, cold, winter months, people are itching at the first opportunity to buy up all the fun summer items and get to the beach – leaving us slower shoppers in the dust. Now is the chance to get ahead and make sure that your family has all the necessities for next summer season!

  1. Escape from the cold. Winter Vaca anyone?

October November December, January, Feb.. you get the point, that’s a lot of months being cold. It’s only right to want to escape it when you’re in the middle, even if it’s just for a week vacation. But where will you find the sand and sun toys in the middle of the winter?! Exactly. If you stock up end of season, you’ll be packed, ready and prepared for the beach right then and there. No wasting time on your short vacation trying to find what you need – get it now!

  1. Summer toy versatility

Yes, winter is approaching, and you might think that if you buy now, the items will just sit in your basement. Think again. Inflatable tubes and floaties? Think about hitting your backyard slop on one of those – AWESOME. And those sandcastle toys? Who said they had to be limited to sand? Make your igloo or now fort epic with sand (I mean snow) toys.

I know what you’re thinking – you’ve talked me into it!! Now where to go? Just Picked has a three-store shopping landscape where you can find summer sale items and new arrivals so you can take on ANY season with style and fun! We love seeing our summer items continue to fly off the shelves, so shop with us today so you can take full advantage of the sales, the feeling of being prepared and the creativity of how to use them in the upcoming cooler months. See you there!

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