Back to School, Back to School

Back to School, Back to School

After the last, unpredictable school year, we are ready to step back into the classroom and out from behind the computer screen! The school means more than just kids hopping back on the school bus – it means preparing for the year right, changes in schedule, newfound projects and a heavier focus to really take advantage of family time during the weekends.

With all that is going on, and the days getting shorter, you need a place where you can escape to while still being able to find it all. Just Picked is that place.

Let’s go back to school in style.

Kids are ready to show off their unique style this year, give them a hand by bringing them to Just Picked where they can get their hands on a vintage old exit T-shirt/hoodie from Exit Apparel, a few new fashionable face masks, a new lunch box from Scout, and ice packs from Coleman to keep their lunches cool while they’re taking on their day.


In a press for new lunch/ dinner ideas? We got you.

Peanut butter and Jelly – BORING. Peanut butter and Lighthouse Keeper’s Wild Berry Jam – YUM! With less time and more expectations, plan your meals ahead of time with Just Picked. We have local brands you and your family will love! Add a little heat to your sweet in the morning’s with The Spicy Shark’s hot honey and syrup products, take their lunches to the next level with Lighthouse Keeper’s array of Jams and condiments and slam dunk dinner with Hoff’s marinades and sauces. Don’t forget to caffeinate! We have you covered there to with Cape Cod Coffee, Cape and Islands Tea, and Harvest Sweets Chocolate covered espresso beans!

Family Time, all the time.

With school during the day and sports practice and after-school activities filling up the calendar, family time gets scarcer and scarcer. Just Picked has an array of items that will help you take advantage of family time. Try a 1,000-piece puzzle, outdoor activity, choose from an multitude of our family games or just enjoy a family day shopping at Just Picked all together.


We want to help you take on this new school year in stride. Shop with us, enjoy our home décor, apparel, food and more today. Shop the three-store landscape or surf and order online!

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