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Perfect Due - Four Sisters Specialty Foods

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Perfect Duo - Four Sisters Specialty Foods

  • Peanut butter oat clusters with roasted peanuts and melted chocolate. Locally made on Cape Cod.
  • Growing up in a family of 4 sisters, we were always taught to share. We shared toys, clothes, bedrooms, and cars as teens. We all went to the same college, had the same friend, and 3 of us were married all in the same year. our lives mirrored each other as adults when we all had children together, 3 in one year. All of us sisters moved to Cape Cod, MA and got involved in our family donut shops and restaurant where we currently work today. But the most important thing we share is our love for food! That's how 4 sisters specialty foods was born. And now its' time to share our love of food with you. We take pride in using quality ingredients and adding the most important ingredient in every batch - love. 

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