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25 Techniques for Wood Fired Ovens

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25 Techniques for Wood Fired Ovens

  • Master of backyard cooking A. Cort Sinnes presents 25 sure-fire techniques for cooking with a wood-fired oven, each introduced by a delectable, smoke-infused recipe—including breads and pizzas, fish, poultry, meats, vegetables, and sides. Mouthwatering photography with every recipe provides incentive to fire up.

    Succulent, smoky, and sublime. Wood-fired ovens are all about enjoyment: enjoying the process of cooking with them and enjoying the deeply flavorful results. This essential guide to cooking with both white and black fire ovens teaches you to embrace and master the unpredictability of wood-fired cooking.

    An introduction provides the basics of cooking in a wood-fired oven, including the types of ovens available, general guidelines, cooking temperatures and times, a guide to what accessories to have on hand, and tips on safety. Then move right on to impressing your guests with these amazing dishes and more:

    • Pizza Bianca
    • Swordfish Fillets Wrapped in Prosciutto
    • Whole Roasted Butterflied Turkey
    • Cowboy Steak with Whiskey Sauce
    • Smashed New Potatoes with Miso Mayonnaise

    Turn your wood-fired oven into an indispensable tool in your outdoor cooking arsenal with this must-have reference.

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